Philosophy Faculty

Dr. Jerold J. Abrams

Associate Professor


Phone: (402) 280-2334

Office: DHHC 303

Specialties and Research: American Philosophy,
Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics


Dr. Michael A. Brown

Assistant Professor

Email: mbr@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-2645

Office: DHHC 111

Specialties and Research: Metaphysics,
Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind

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Dr. Elizabeth F. Cooke



Email: cookeef@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-3329

Office: DHHC 109

Specialties and Research: Pragmatism, Philosophy of Science, Biomedical Ethics


Dr. Samuel Gavin

Resident Assistant Professor

Email: samuelgavin@creighton.edu


Office: DHHC 119

Dr. Kevin M. Graham

Director, Magis Core Curriculum

Associate Professor

Email: kgraham@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-1219

Office: DHHC 113

Specialties and Research: Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Epistemology

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Dr. Jeffrey P. Hause


Michael W. Barry Professor and Director of the Honors Program

Email: jphause@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-3581

Office: Hitchcock 303

Specialties and Research: Medieval Philosophy, Ethics, Ancient Philosophy

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Dr. Marc Johansen

Assistant Professor

Email: marcjohansen@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-2229

Office: DHHC 111

Specialties and Research: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind


Dr. Thomas Kiefer, Jr.

Adjunct Professor

Email: thomaskiefer@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-2854

Office:  DHHC 6




Dr. David McPherson

Associate Professor

Email:  davidmcpherson@creighton.edu

Phone:  (402) 280-2726

Office:  DHHC 120

Specialties and Research:  Ethics (Theoretical and Applied), Social-Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

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Dr. J. Patrick Murray


Email: jpm@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-1787

Office: DHHC 117

Specialties and Research: Modern Philosophy, Marxism, Philosophy of Commercial Society



Dr. Anne C. Ozar

Associate Professor


Phone: (402) 280-2847

Office: DHHC 116

Specialties and Research: Ethics (Theoretical and Applied), Phenomenology, Philosophy of Emotion

Josef Rodriguiz, SJ

Mr. Josef Raoul Rodriguez, S.J., MA

Jesuit Regent

Email: JosefRodriguez@creighton.edu

Email: jrodriguez1@jesuits.org

Office: DHHC 206

Dr. Jacob M. Rump

Assistant Professor

Email: jacobrump@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-2648

Office: DHHC 113

Specialties and Research: Theory of Meaning, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, 19th-20th C. European Philosophy (especially Phenomenology)

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Dr. Jeanne A. Schuler

Associate Professor

Email: jschuler@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-2647

Office: DHHC 112

Specialties and Research: 19th-Century Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Modern Philosophy


Dr. Andrew Spaid

Resident Assistant Professor

Email: andrewspaid@creighton.edu


Office: DHHC 211

Dr. Amy Wendling

Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences Dean?s Office


Email: wendling@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-3591

Office: DHHC 120

Specialties and Research: History of Philosophy, Biomedical Ethics


Richard White

Dr. Richard J. White

Associate Chair


Email: rwhite@creighton.edu 

Phone: (402) 280-2642

Office: DHHC 110

Specialties and Research: 19th and 20th-Century Continental Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature

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Dr. Jinmei Yuan

Director, East-West Studies

Director, Philosophy for Children (p4c) Program


Email: jinmei@creighton.edu

Phone: (402) 280-3309

Office: DHHC 114

Specialties and Research: Comparative Logic, Chinese Philosophy, the Philosophy of Language, Asian Literature

Website: Click here


Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Randolph Feezell

Email: randolphfeezell@creighton.edu

Dr. Eugene Selk

Email: eeselk@creighton.edu

Phone: 402-553-1813

Dr. William O. Stephens


Email: stphns@creighton.edu

Specialties and Research: Ancient Philosophy, Virtue Ethics, Ethics & Animals, Environmental Philosophy

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