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Teaching and Learning with Technology: 
Exploring the use of technology to advance student learning

The Center of Academic Innovation, in collaboration with Dr. Bob Whipple, the CAI Innovations Fellow, are pleased to invite your participation in the following opportunities.

Digital, Innovative, Creative:  Creativity in the Classroom
Dr. Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Professor of Professional Writing, Michigan State University
October 30, 2015   1:00-3:00  Location: Eppley 309 

Creativity is one of the most transferrable skills we can engage students in and equip students with. Creative thinking and processes spans disciplines, institutions, and professions. In this interactive presentation, participants will engage in a range of activities designed to get them reflecting on their own creative potential in the classroom and exploring ways for fostering creativity in their classes and among their students.
The session will cover definitions of creativity, strategies for shaping creative contexts, ideas for engaging students more effectively, and exploring specific teacherly tools for crafting creative assignments and sparking student creativity. Models, examples, and cases of creativity in action will be shared.

Perils and Promises of MOOCs
Dr. Steven D. Krause, Professor of English, Eastern Michigan University
March 18, 2016   2:00-4:00 Location: TBD

Steven D. Krause, professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Eastern Michigan University, will present his most recent scholarship on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). 
Since the mid-1990s, Dr. Krause has been invested in the use of technology to teach writing at all levels, particularly with online tools like blogs, web sites, and social media. His interest in MOOCs began after enrolling as a student in an early MOOC.  He went on to write about that experience and other MOOC matters in College Composition and Communication and AFT On Campus magazine. In 2014, Dr. Krause co-edited (with Charles Lowe) Invasion of the MOOCs: The Promises and Perils of Massive Online Open Courses (available both in print and as a free download from Parlor Press). The collection is comprised of 21 essays written by experts, students, and faculty in the U.S. and Europe.  It reflects the complexity of the very definition of what is (and what might in the near future be) a “MOOC.” Perspectives and opinions that move far beyond the polarizing debate about MOOCs that has occupied the media in previous accounts are also addressed. Dr. Krause’s work on MOOCs has been presented in numerous national and international scholarly conferences including the American Federation of Teachers Higher Education Meeting, and the MOOC conference sponsored by Federica, e-Learning, University of Naples Federico II, Italy (September 2015). Dr. Krause’s current project involves a book-length project about MOOCs tentatively titled MOOCs in Context.

Back to the Future: Technologies Old and New

CAI, DoIT, and OLAT team members
November 13, 2015  2:00-3:30 Location: RAL 28D (Edge Classroom)
Join team members from the Center for Academic Innovation, Division of Information Technology, and the Office of eLearning and Academic Technology to explore new technologies as well as revisit some of the “tried and true” technologies available for your classroom and online teaching.

Teaching and Learning with Technology Grant

Applications Due: November 16, 2015

Grant Information and Scoring Rubric
Grant Application
The purpose of the Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Grant Program is to foster and support the innovative use educational technologies to advance student learning at Creighton University.
Each individual or team grant awardee will present an overview of their project and outcomes during the annual TLT Showcase.  This new event is designed to celebrate creative teaching and student learning through the use of technology.  In addition to the grant awardee presentations, the TLT Showcase includes an announcement of the Creighton University Technovate Award recipients.

Technovate Award:  Recognizing Innovative Use of Digital Technology in Teaching and Student Learning
Applications due: December 5, 2015

Application and Eligibility Information
The Center for Academic Innovation is pleased to announce the first annual Technovate Award, created by Dr. Bob Whipple, CAI Innovations Fellow, and the Technovate Advisory Group. 
First, Second, and Third place winners will be selected and notified no later than January 30th.
Awards include: 1st Place - $1,000; 2nd Place - $500; 3rd Place - $250.
Winners will showcase their project as part of the “Celebration of Mission, Technology, and Teaching” on April 15, 2016.

TLT Showcase: A Celebration of Mission, Technology, and Teaching

TLT Grant Awardee Showcase & Technovate Award Ceremony
April 15, 2016    2:00-4:00  Location: Skutt Student Center Room 105
This new event celebrates the creative, innovative, and diverse use of technology to advance Creighton’s mission of teaching and learning.  The event will showcase faculty use of technology including:
• Presentations by recipients of the TLT grants, projects and results will be discussed
• Winners of the TECHnovate Award will present their projects
• All faculty are invited to showcase their use of technology

Blue Fridays
Stop by the Center for Academic Innovation (Located in the lower level of Reinert-Alumni Library) Fridays from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. 

Certification Course
The Foundations for Effective Online Teaching and Learning course encompasses foundational knowledge and skills necessary for online course facilitation.

A list of distance education focused conferences and meetings that may be of interest to faculty and staff wishing to learn more about education or present their distance education focused scholarship.

Consultation Sessions
The CAI staff are available for one-to-one consultation sessions on basic to advanced use of existing academic technology, developing online and blended courses, and exploration of new technologies to advance student learning. Please contact the the CAI office at cai@creighton.edu.

CU Online Guide
The CU Online Guide provides orientation information for online instructors new to Creighton University as well as the basic concepts and best practices for teaching online.

Distance Teaching Standards - Standards Grid
Best practice standards for effective online teaching practices at Creighton University.

End of Course Surveys
A common set of end of course student survey items for all online courses at Creighton University.

Faculty Fellow Presentations and Workshops
The CAI Faculty Fellows will facilitate workshops, webinars, and scholarly learning communities throughout the year focused on using technology in the face-to-face and online classroom. Announcements will be made as these become available.

Instructional Design and Instructional Technology
Instructional designers and our instructional technologist are available to assist faculty members with moving their course to the online classroom as well as incorporating technologies into their on-ground instruction.  The designers and the technologist typically work one-to-one with faculty members to analyze instructional needs and develop instructional materials and activities to address the needs.

Distance education focused journals that may be of interest to faculty and staff wishing to learn more about distance education or publish their distance education focused scholarship.

Creighton University has memberships to several organizations focused on best practices in distance education and the use of academic technologies.

The Distance Education Mentoring Initiative (DEMI) is a program designed to provide peer mentoring opportunities for individuals new to teaching in the distance format.

New Online Instructors

The process for on-boarding faculty members new to teaching online at Creighton University is described in the attached document.  The process is intended to include Creighton University faculty members who are teaching a Creighton University online course for the first time  as well as instructors new to Creighton who are hired to teach an online course.