Distance Course Review

Each distance course at Creighton University undergoes a review process examining the design of the course.  The purpose of the review process is to assure congruence with best practices for online course design.  The review process does not include review of course content.  A rubric based on nationally recognized criteria for distance course design is used.  The process for distance course review is outlined in the table below.  Copies of the rubric are available by contacting the the Teaching and Learning Center.

Timeline Steps Person/Unit Responsible
At least 4 weeks prior to course start date Notify TLC when course is ready for review Instructional Designer

Submit course to Distance Course Reviewer




Review of course/revisions suggested if necessary

Distance Course Reviewer


At least 2 weeks prior to course start date Submit completed review to TLC Distance Course Reviewer

If required: Instructor and instructional designer make necessary modifications to course design based on review results


At least 1 week prior to course start date

If changes were required: Notify the Teaching and Learning Center changes have been made

Instructional Designer

  Notify instructor and instructional designer course has passed the distance course design review process TLC