Advisory Groups

The Teaching and Learning Center is governed by and advised by the following groups.  The goal of the Center is to be responsive to the needs of academic programs as well as faculty members.  Ideas and suggestions are welcomed and may be provided by contacting TLC.

Committee on Computing and Academic Technology

The Committee on Computing and Academic Technology (CCAT) is a Standing Committee of the Academic Council per University Statute, Article II, Section 2F7.

The purpose of the Committee is to:

  • To review and advise on technological matters affecting faculty;
  • To review existing Division of Information Technology policies affecting the academic areas of the University;
  • To review the establishment of Division of Information Technology policies affecting the academic areas of the University;
  • To access and report annually the quality of technological services for the faculty;
  • To suggest ways in which the Division of Information Technology can better serve and respond to the pedagogical and research needs of the University;
  • To review any proposed changes in Division of Information Technology policies that may have an impact on the faculty;
  • To report to the Academic Council, as needed, faculty concerns that have not been successfully resolved with the Division of Information Technology;
  • To assist in communicating key information and decisions to the Creighton community to facilitate a broader understanding of strategy, policy, resource allocation, project selection, and prioritization related to the use of technology in teaching, learning, and research activities;
  • To prioritize technology projects related to academic pursuits
  • To review proposed annual academic technology budgets, including student technology fee budget, and make recommendations on allocation of the budget in order to align budget allocation with the University's key strategic initiatives.


  • One person designated by the Provost;
  • The Vice President for Information Technology or the Vice-President’s designee;
  • The Teaching and Learning Center Senior Director for e-Learning or the Director’s designee;
  • One member of the tenured or tenure-track faculty from each College or School elected to three-year terms at staggered intervals, and
  • Two members from the Faculty Council elected to one-year term.
  • Deans of each of the Schools and Colleges
  • The University Librarian or designee

The Committee Chair is the Teaching and Learning Center Senior Director for e-Learning.

The Committee Secretary is one of the two members elected from the Faculty Council.  The Secretary shall provide regular reports of the Committee’s activities to the Academic Council.

By statue the Committee must meet at least three times each semester. The AY 2014-15 CCAT meetings are scheduled monthly, typically the second Monday of the month.

Distance Program Administrators

Administrators of distance education programs meet twice each semester to assist in planning for distance education related initiatives as well as to identify issues in need of attention.  This group is comprised of distance program directors and associate/assistant directors, members of the TLC team, a representative of the Office of the Provost, and the Dean of the Graduate School and University College.

Academic Technologies Advisory Group

The Academic Technology Advisory Group includes staff and faculty who provide day-to-day support for the integration of technology into teaching and learning activities as well as DoIT personnel responsible for supporting academic technologies.   The ATAG’s primary focus is the learning management system, however it also addresses other technologies used for teaching and learning.  The ATAG is advisory to the Committee on Computing and Academic Technology (CCAT). 

The ATAG typically meets twice a month to identify and discuss initiatives and issues.  The meeting schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the group.  Meetings of the ATAG are open to all faculty and staff responsible for day-to-day operational support of teaching and learning technologies.

The ATAG provides recommendations to the CCAT regarding priorities for addressing issues with, and enhancements to, the learning management system and other teaching and learning technologies.