Distance Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning Center serves and supports Creighton’s distance learning initiatives through its work with faculty and staff in the following areas:

Faculty preparation and support for teaching at a distance, in blended courses or technology-enhanced face-to-face including:

  •  Online teaching certification course
  •  Distance Education Mentoring Initiative – pairing novice online instructors with experienced instructors
  •  Access to professional development resources including webinars, professional journals, and memberships to national organizations
  •  Offering professional development webinars on a variety of distance education related topics

Instructional design and technology services for online, campus, and blended education provided by professional staff with training and experience in:

  • Designing online and blended courses including course layout, aligning course outcomes, assessments, and assignments within the online classroom, building interactivity into your online course to effectively engage distance education students
  • Using technology to support your teaching in online, blended and on-ground settings; including the use of BlueLine tools
  • Multi-media creation to support student learning

Institutional planning and administrative support for distance education

  • In collaboration with University leadership establish the vision for distance education at Creighton University and engage in subsequent strategic planning initiatives to bring the vision to reality
  • Collaborate with academic unit Deans and program directors to plan and develop online programming.
  • Conduct regular review of current policies and procedures.
  • Draft new policies and procedures based on needs identified in collaboration with university faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders.
  • Manage the academic integrity aspects of contractual relationships related to the provision of online education programming.

Conducting assessment/evaluation activities for distance programming

In collaboration and consultation with program directors and the Office of Academic Excellence and Assessment, employ standards from the Higher Learning Commission and specialized accreditation to:

  • Promote the use of best practices in distance teaching and learning
  • Develop and maintain quality benchmarks for distance programming
  • Conduct reviews of the design of distance courses
  • Establish and implement a continuous quality improvement process for distance programming
  • Build necessary evidence file(s) for online programming as required by external accreditation agencies

Coordinating support services for distance learners by

  • coordinating and providing distance student preparation and orientation
  • collaborating with student support service areas to assure adequate provision of services for distance learners