Counseling Services

Creighton University
Harper 1034, Ground floor
Omaha, Nebraska 68178
Phone: (402) 280-2735

8:00-4:30 Monday
10:00-6:30 Tuesday
8:00-6:30 Wednesday
8:00-4:30 Thursday - Friday

Summer Hours

8:00-4:30 Monday - Friday


Students who have been clients of the Counseling Center recently provided the following anonymous comments:

“Counseling services helped me build confidence in myself and take ownership of my decisions. Goal setting and follow-through were huge parts of my personal growth that CS helped me figure out.”

“Counseling allowed me to be very introspective and focus on issues of my life, how to cope, and offered an objective person to listen to me and truly care about my life and concerns. It provided me with an outlet with which I could not burden my friends.”

“Counseling services is an important resource that Creighton provides its students. The opportunity to receive counseling has benefited my both personally and academically. I have strong relationship with my counselor. She has helped me to work through a lot of issues that I did not know had such a large effect on me.”

“I have learned through this service how to cope with life issues and set goals for success. I have been able to try to focus on my lifetime goals despite challenges ever since..”

“I have learned to open up more. My counselor makes me feel very safe and I feel confident telling her my problems or concerns. She helped me set realistic personal goals that I was able to achieve.  I learned that it's okay to admit you're struggling with something.”

“It gave me a stable and safe place to go to when I felt very unstable and unsafe. I liked knowing that I could go to counseling on a weekly basis, for as long as I needed, without monetary consequences. It gave me a good starting point to find help in other areas of my life as well.”