Playground and Kitchen

Playground Kitchen

The playground provides the children with a variety of gross motor activities. It includes one large and one small climber to challenge children of all ages. Children enjoy sand play on the deck in the warmer months. From May to October, a Sky Shade covers these areas. The shade deflects 99% of the sun's UV rays and keeps the children from the direct sun.

The playground includes a gas station playhouse for pretend play. The children ride tricycles and scooters on the sidewalk. Other areas include art, dramatic play, music and movement, building, messy materials, sand, and a slope for class or family gatherings.

Our playground has recently been converted and certified a Nature Explore Classroom to reflect our growing understanding of the importance of nature in children's development.  The Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines state that " Young children need nature to balance the over-stimulating and sometimes violent media worls in which they live...being outdoors during the early years helps to establish a love of nature and an appreciation for its life cycle." Landscaping and plants with various shapes, textures and scents have been placed throughout the playground to stimulate learning and exploration.

All materials on the playground are non-toxic and are free of choking hazards.  The goal of the Russell Child Development Center is to help the children who attend acquire a deep understanding of the natural world and become an adult who values and nurtures the earth.

The playground is entirely fenced and secured at both ends by locked gates.


The Center participates in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program. Children are served breakfast, lunch and snacks, which follow USDA guidelines. We also provide Enfamil Lipil w/ Iron formula and baby food for infants until the child is able to eat table food.