RCDC History

Child Care Center History Task Force

The CU Child Care Center History Task Force is documenting the 1981 origins and evolving 40-year history of accomplishments, challenges, and campus support by February 2021. YOU are a part of our history!


Share your memories of the Creighton child care center (aka The Russell Child Development Center at Creighton University) via:

* Pictures

* Videos

* Personal Memories


We want to hear from you! Tell us about your memories of the child care center.

* Did you attend the child development center?

* Were you a student employee?

* Did you have a child enrolled? Were you a parent?

* Were you on campus and saw the Halloween parade or attend the Chili/Soup Luncheon?

* What is your fondest memory?

* What did having the center on campus mean to you?

* What is your favorite story?


Here is how you can contribute:

* Record a one to two minute video using your phone or video device.


* Email your stories


All videos and stories can be sent to Carol Houser (carolhouser@creighton.edu). Please include a Photo & Story Permission Form (linked below) so we know it is OK for us to share your memories with the Creighton community!


RCDC Historical Videos