Toddler Room

Program and Environment

The toddler room is an environment enriched with developmentally appropriate centers/activities for children ages 2 to 3 1/2 years.  The teachers provide centers throughout the day that help develop the child's fine and gross motor skills and encourage imaginative play. The children are introduced to a wide variety of play materials and equipment used to enhance their skills and engage their curiosity as they discover the world around them. The priorities of the curriculum are to form self-help skills such as eating and toilet training, to learn appropriate social interactions with peers and teachers, and to develop language through modeling and literature. Music for listening and movement enriches the program. The teachers provide an environment of fun and joy while giving emotional support and encouragement to the children. 

Consistency in the daily schedule provides learning through repetition as it creates a safe, loving environment. The children learn through the daily routines of eating meals in small groups, potty training and diapering, and resting at nap time. Independence is continually encouraged through these activities.