Funding Requirements

Due to the high number or requests, the University Committee on Lectures, Films and Concerts has exhausted its funds for the year. Please consider applying next year.

In order to receive funding from the Committee, the following is required:

  • All proposals must be submitted online
  • Funding Proposals must be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the event.
  • We request that the Committee on Lectures, Films, and Concerts receives recognition of the co-sponsorship in advertising, program booklets, etc.
  • The event must be free of charge to students, even if non-students are charged an entrance fee.
  • It is the responsibility of the sponsoring group that the event must be in compliance with university policies and consistent with the mission of the university. 
  • If the event does change in nature or scope from the funding proposal submitted, funding is subject to be returned to the Committee on Lecture, Films, and Concerts.
  • An Activity Report must be submitted to the committee two weeks after the event is completed.

Due to the budget that the committee has to work with, no event will receive more than $1,000 for an event.