An Uplifting Addition to St. John's Church

An Uplifting Addition to St. Johnís Church

ďChrist asks us to build his temple, his Body. We build it not with costly stones or sentiment that will fade. We build it with a commitment to those around us.Ē

Those words from the late Rev. Pat Malone, S.J., appear on a plaque inside St. Johnís newest addition, an elevator on the west side of the church that can accommodate parishioners and visitors who may have limited or decreased mobility. Fr. Malone served as pastor of St. Johnís Church from 2012 to 2014 and was a tireless champion of the elevator project as a way to welcome all of Godís people. Fr. Malone died last July after a long struggle with cancer. Many St. Johnís parishioners provided gifts for the project, and the OíKeefe Elevator Company donated the elevator.