Wait … What?

Wait … What?

Creighton is known for the research opportunities it offers undergraduates. Here’s a brief insight into one current student’s project.


“Detection of the order-disorder transition via birefringence during solvent vapor annealing of poly(styrene)-block-poly(lactide) thin films”

Student researcher

Son Nguyen, junior applied physics major, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Faculty mentor

Andrew Baruth, PhD, associate professor of physics

What it means

Nguyen’s project is in the field of nanotechnology, using nature’s ability to make repetitive shapes (think honeycombs, only much, much smaller). This has the potential for many life-enhancing applications — including drug development, water filtration and decon­tamination, energy collection and storage, and information and communication technologies. Nguyen’s research involves the production of new materials with superior optical, electrical, magnetic and/or mechanical properties for such applications.