Fulbright Professors to Study in Japan, Uganda

Fulbright Professors to Study in Japan, Uganda

Urban farming and Catholic leaders in Uganda will be the research focus for Fulbright awards received by Creighton professors Jay Carney, PhD, and Samantha Senda-Cook, PhD.

Senda-Cook, an associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies, will study food and community engagement at the Asia Rural Institute (ARI) in Japan in the spring and early summer of 2019.

She will spend several months alongside ARI participants from around the world, learning about the intersections of agriculture and advocacy and the central role of food in fueling both individuals and the community. Her hope is to return to Omaha with strategies to enhance the role of urban farming and investigate the ways food brings people together.

Locally, Senda-Cook has worked with Big Muddy Urban Farm, an Omaha-based nonprofit aimed at expanding access to sustainable agriculture. She also has engaged the Refugee Empowerment Center, trying to understand how resettling families use community gardens to produce their own food and contribute to their communities.

For his Fulbright award, Carney, an associate professor of theology, will study seven Church leaders — including Benedicto Kiwanuka, Uganda’s first prime minister — and explore how their lives and work have responded to the political realities in Uganda.

With the beginning of the academic year, Carney will spend most of his time in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, conducting oral interviews and combing over local archives to create what will be one of the first monographs on postcolonial Catholic history in Uganda.

Combined with a year’s sabbatical through Creighton’s Haddix Faculty Incubator Awards, Carney will also teach at Uganda Martyrs University (UMU), a Catholic university with campuses in Nkozi and Kampala. He hopes the experience will help forge longer-term partnerships between UMU and Creighton.