Heard on Campus

“This is a breakthrough. A door is open and we have to go in. The thing is, though, not to go in expecting everything right away. Don’t give up all the goodwill gained in opening this door just because there’s one crisis.”

Maorong Jiang, PhD, political science professor and director of Creighton’s Asian World Center, on a summit between North Korea and the United States. Jiang has studied and worked with North Korea for three decades.

“When people think of climate change, the image that often comes to mind is the polar bear. … I would suggest a more adequate image is the migrant, more precisely, the millions of people who have already been displaced by the effects of climate change and the hundreds of millions who will be displaced in the coming decades and centuries.”

Richard Miller, PhD, theology professor, who participated in an international ecological symposium in Attica, Greece, in June.

“If there’s one conclusion we can make in this study it’s that at Creighton, the research undergraduates are doing satisfies the quality standards in the disciplines of physics and chemistry.”

Patricia Soto, PhD, associate professor of physics, on a study she conducted with colleagues at three other institutions on undergraduate research opportunities for physics and chemistry students.

“To be here and expanding these therapies for the people of Georgia, I’m glad that I’m getting that Creighton name a little further out there and doing some good in another corner of the world.”

Traci Swartz, OTD’07, on her work bringing occupational and physical therapy more to the fore in the country of Georgia, as part of a four-year, $4.5-million grant from the United States Agency for International Development.

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@hopemoreno_13: So thankful I transferred to @Creighton because I am literally having the best senior year EVER.

@PatrickLillis1: @creighton @CreightonBiz Thanking Creighton for being the most connected biz school in America ... creating a wonderful environment for young people learning. Keep creating those missionaries of capitalism the Jesuit way.

@hilary_moser: On this beautiful Thursday, I’m so blessed to have amazing professors (past and present) who truly care about my success and wellbeing. Thank you @Creighton.

@CarridRADams: I am blessed to say I just wrapped my 11th semester teaching @Creighton and it just keeps getting better! Looking forward to the fall!