Morauski, JD’86, has included Creighton in her estate plan.

Alumna Wants to Help Students Achieve Their Dreams

The University could not have asked for a better testimonial to tout Creighton to prospective students.

Karen Morauski, JD’86, said her years at Creighton made a strong impression on her because she experienced “a personal touch, like you receive in your own hometown or your own neighborhood.”

Furthermore, the School of Law graduate and corporate attorney said she could tangibly feel the values that made Creighton different from other universities.

“The faculty, staff and administrators I interacted with gave me a sense of being treated and known as a person, not a number,” Morauski said.

“My Creighton law degree obviously helped me in my profession, but more than that, it helped develop values that shaped how I view my job as an attorney, values that I don’t think I would have received at other institutions.”

For all these reasons and more, Morauski knew she wanted to give back to Creighton and help other students. She said she financed her education through grants, loans and scholarships. “When I completed my education, I wanted to return the favor to help others. Education is an important value to me, instilled by my dad when I was very young.”

So, in addition to making annual gifts to Creighton over the years, she created an estate plan early in her career and included a planned gift for scholarships.

Recently, she re-evaluated her estate plan and increased the amount she is planning to leave for scholarships and Creighton. This time, however, it was not a quick decision.

“It took me about six months to come to the decision. I thought a great deal about it,” she said. “It was a matter of proportion. I knew I wanted to leave more, but I had to determine the right proportion.” Once she had finalized her plans, she said she felt great peace.

Her bequest to Creighton will fund a perpetual endowment for law student scholarships. Morauski said she is pleased that she will be able to help future law students obtain the opportunities she received from her Creighton education and improve their lives.

“This country was built on the American dream of hard work and help from others. I am living proof of that, with the financial assistance I received for my education. I want to help other students achieve their dreams.”

There are many ways to express your gratitude to Creighton, create your legacy and impact tomorrow’s students through a planned gift today. To explore the possibilities, contact the Office of Estate and Trust Services at 800.334.8794, giftplanning@ or visit http://giftplanning. You will be offered confidential, personalized assistance and receive answers to your questions.

Steve Scholer, JD’79 Senior Philanthropic Adviser Office of Estate and Trust Services