April 3, 2018

The Papal Ninja

"How can I Know that it is So?" to "How Can This Be?"

Sean Bryan "the Papal Ninja" holds that wonder is a key spiritual principal in the maturation of every Christian. By pointing out the fundamental difference between Zechariah and Mary's response to God's intervention in their lives, he will elucidate how we can grow in wonder, and trust more profoundly in the foreseeing love of God.  Sean will offer moments in his own life that were transformed from initially being difficult to except to  being powerful moments of divine providence that sustain his trust in the Lord.



Sean Bryan is most known for his participation in the NBC show American Ninja Warrior, where he has taken on the identity of the Papal Ninja, stealthily accomplishing his role in the mission of the Church. His day job is quite relevant to such an endeavor, as he is the Lay Mission Project's Animating Director and curriculum team member. Sean received his Bachelor's of Arts at UC Berkeley, where he studied physics and was on the men?s gymnastics team. He completed his Master of Arts in Theology with a Salesian Studies concentration at the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology. His Masters thesis analyzed the ecclesiology inherent to documents of the Second Vatican Council, and proposes the Scriptural notion of liturgy as an interpretive lens that elucidates the relationship between formal ritual worship and its integrated expression in everyday life. His exploration led to practical applications geared toward the animation of the faithful in the Church's mission, including the Lay Mission Project.