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CSU Mission Statement

The Creighton Students Union exists to represent and serve the student community of Creighton University. Through the cooperative efforts of the nine (9) colleges and schools of Creighton University, the Creighton Students Union is entrusted to serve as an advocate and voice for the student body and is dedicated to the enhancement of the educational, social, and cultural environment on campus.  The mission of the Creighton Students Union is accomplished through:

         Representing the student body of Creighton University to the faculty, staff, and administration.


         Supporting all Creighton University student organizations to stimulate productivity and encourage members of the Creighton community to contribute positively to the university and greater communities.

         Planning and implementing a variety of activities to meet the diverse needs of the student body and to encourage student interaction outside of the classroom.

The Creighton Students Union supports the Catholic, Jesuit mission of education, service, and the development of the whole person.

CSU History

The Creighton Students Union was founded in 1922 under the name the Student Board of Governors.  The first elected body was made up of one representative from the only six departments on campus at that time, including dentistry, law, pharmacy, arts, commerce, and medicine.  Also included in the early student government was two alumni members, chosen by the Alumni Association, and a faculty member.  It was the Creighton Students Union, who in its early years founded the weekly school newspaper, the Creightonian, and the yearbook, the Bluejay.  On the 15th of December in 1925 the Creighton Students Union was incoporated as a nonprofit corporation with the state of Nebraska.

Over the years, through its growth into the complex organization that it is today, the Creighton Students Union has continued to work its hardest, always keeping the Creighton student in mind.  Traditions have been started, issues have been addressed, legislation has been written, and leaders have been born. 

"A great future evidently awaits the Creighton University Students' Union.  Within two years, it has done the unprecedented.  As it emerges from its infancy and gains strength its capacity for rendering service to the cause for which it stands will correspondingly increase.  IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH
-Brenden F. Brown '24, Former President of the Creighton Students Union

CSU Updates: March 2021

Harper Dining Update

Tell Someone Reporting System

AAPI Statement

CSU Town Hall

On July 21, 2020, the CSU Executive Team, along with panelist from across campus, held a town hall to discuss Covid-19 and racial injustice.  If you were unable to attend, you can view a recording at: