Service Relationship with Jesuit Middle School

Jesuit Academy of Omaha

Jesuit Academy of Omaha offers young males of Omaha, particularly African Americans, a quality educational opportunity, encouraging them to claim ownership of their lives and develop themselves and responsible leaders.  The training in this Catholic school includes the five basics of traditional Jesuit education: gospel values, service to others, good study habits, solid discipline, and academic excellence.  Jesuit Academy of Omaha prepares its graduates academically, socially, and spiritually for acceptance into a college preparatory curriculum.








The Creighton Students Union has adopted Jesuit Academy as a service partner.  Over the years, this relationship between CSU and Jesuit Academy has grown only stronger and more beneficial.  CSU has two major programs conducted for Jesuit Academy.  Four days a week representatives, executives, and other members of CSU participate in an after-school tutoring program designed to assist those students who may be struggling in their classes.  CSU also holds the annual Jaywalk walk/run race every fall.  Since its inception years ago, CSU has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Jesuit Academy and its students.  The proceeds from last year's Jaywalk raised $10,000 alone.  Other than the tutoring program and Jaywalk, CSU has continued to be active with events involving Jesuit Academy.  This past winter, Jesuit Academy were in attendance at the Creighton basketball game versus UNO.  CSU Representatives sat with the students to cheer on the Jays.  Jesuit Academy students were also brought on campus to see a science show put on by Creighton University's chemistry department.  The Creighton Students Union values its relationship with Jesuit Academy, and strives to continue to strengthen the bond between the two organizations.