Candidate Profiles

Congratulations to CSU's newly elected President and Executive Vice President

CSU President Candidate

Patrick Marta

Patrick Marta is a junior from Sacramento, CA studying to major in Neuroscience with a minor in Biology and Neuropsychology on the Pre-med track. He is involved in the Honors Program, Phi Delta Theta fraternity, research, and the newly established Neuroscience Club as Vice President of Programming. Patrick has also been on the CSU Board of Representatives for the past year, this semester serving as the chair for the Diversity, Inclusion, and Outreach committee. An integral part of his platform is promoting the Creighton community to become more accessible to all students. This involves promoting respectful dialogue and providing educational resources to students on important current issues. Additionally, he wants to improve student health and safety through the expansion of Green Dot services and better inform students on mental health and sexual consent. Patrick is eager to share his ideas for improvement and hopes for the opportunity to promote beneficial change as Creighton Students Union President in 2018.



CSU Executive Vice President Candidate

Maddie Tagaloa

Maddie Tagaloa is a sophomore from Orange County, California double majoring in Political Science and Journalism. She is on the CSU Board of Representatives for the College of Arts and Sciences, a participant of the Cortina Community, and a member of the Eta Iota chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. A few key platforms that she is passionate are implementing a diversity coordinator to engage in respectful dialogue to ensure we are representing the entire student body. Provide Green Dot training into RSP classes and continue to strive to have Greek life to be Men and Women for and with others. Overall, she is really excited to be running for Creighton Student Union Executive Vice President and is looking forward to this journey in 2018.