Schedule of Events

Details Coming Soon

Thursday, September 6th

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

(Registration begins at 9:30 AM)

Skutt Student Center

The Creighton Students Union Fall Leadership Conference intends to aid students in the cultivation of skills that will allow them to better their student organizations. Through the development of key leadership skills, student organizations will be able to work with other organizations on campus to produce a change within the community or organization.

By attending the Fall Leadership Conference:

  • Students will develop key strengths that are needed to lead their organization.
  • Students will have a better understanding of University policies and procedures.
  • Students will learn about leading with the Jesuit mission, professionalism, the use of media and multimedia, and forming one voice on Creighton's campus.
  • Students will learn how to make planning an event on Creighton's campus easier.      
  • Students will gain a better understanding of how Creighton Students Union functions and how their organization can benefit from being a registered student club within Creighton Students Union.