Professional School Governments

Professional and Graduate School Government Funding


This method of funding is only open to the Creighton Medical School Government, the Pharmacy and Health Professions Student Government, the Student Bar Association, the Graduate School Government, and the Dental Students Union.


A few things to note regarding the CSU funding process for graduate and professional school governments:

  • Biannual reports must be submitted twice per year (June and December).
  • Unaccounted for funds will not be calculated until September 1st, when an optional addendum may be submitted.
  • Up to 10% of your annual rebate may be used on attire (uniforms, shirts, etc.), as long as it was included in your initial budget.


To apply for CSU funding, simply follow these steps:


1. Read through CSU's Policies & Procedures to become familiar with funding requirements. Failure to follow these policies in use of CSU funding may result is suspension of CSU funding privileges.


2. Receive summer advancement. As long as all of your reports were turned in on time the previous year and your government is in good standing with CSU, you will receive 25% of your estimated fall semester rebate during the last week in July, if funds are available. The transfer of funds may take up to 3 weeks.


3. Complete a Budget Submission Form for the year. This form needs to be submitted via CU Involved by the first CSU Cabinet meeting of fall semester.


4. Receive your fall semester rebate. Once enrollment numbers have been finalized and CSU has received its fall semester allocation, your school will receive the remaining amount of its fall semester rebate. For information on how this is calculated, see CSU's Policies and Procedures.


5. Hold your events, and allocate to your school's classes and organizations. Please keep in mind that CSU will not fund assets, non-student expenses, alcohol, gift cards, donations, and other items as outlined in CSU's Policies and Procedures. These policies and procedures also apply to clubs and organizations that are funded by your school government.


6. Submit your Biannual Report. This report is due on December 1st (or the next business day) for the fall semester, and June 1st (or the next business day) for the spring semester. Submit the report through CU Involved and upload scans of all receipts for expenses incurred throughout the semester. This includes expenses incurred by clubs and organizations funded by your school government.


7. Receive your spring semester rebate. Once enrollment numbers have been finalized and CSU has received its spring semester allocation, your school will receive its spring semester rebate.


8. Submit an optional Addendum. This addendum, due September 1st, can include summer programming expenses that will be added on to the past fiscal year.


9. Settle up. All of your CSU funding needs to be accounted for at the end of the year. Any unspent/unaccounted for funds for the year at the end of spring semester will remain in your account and be subtracted from your summer advancement and fall rebate, if necessary.


Please note, some of Creighton's school governments have slightly different processes worked out with CSU. For this reason, we recommend that you read through the Policies and Procedures to ensure that this is the process followed by your school government. Additionally, you can also reach out to the CSU Vice President for Finance with any questions.