Undergraduate Organizations

Undergraduate Student Organization Funding


A few things to note regarding the CSU funding process for undergraduate organizations:


  • Organizations can apply for funds on an annual, semester, or event-by-event basis.
  • Funding Activity Reports are due 15 business days after your event. For semester or annual budgets, the report is due at the end of the semester.
  • Funding decisions are based upon several factors, including the number of students impacted, fundraising efforts, and fulfillment of CSU's Mission. Further details can be found in CSU's Policies and Procedures.


To apply for CSU funding, simply follow these steps:


1. Read through CSU's Policies & Procedures to become familiar with funding requirements. Failure to follow these policies in use of CSU funding may result is suspension of CSU funding privileges.

2. Submit a Funding Request Form and budget. This form and budget must be submitted through CU Involved no later than 15 university business days before budgeted expenses are to be incurred.

3. Meet with the CSU Appropriations Committee. Once CSU's Vice President for Finance has reviewed and processed your request, you will be scheduled to attend a meeting with this committee to discuss your request and clarify details which will aid the allocation decision.

4. Receive a notice of your allocation. Once the Appropriations Committee has decided upon how much to allocate to your organization, the allocation must be approved by both CSU's Board of Representatives and President.

5. Following these approvals, you will notified of the allocation decision.
Host your event. Remember that all marketing materials (posters, social media posts, etc.) must include the "Funded by CSU" logo. Please keep in mind that CSU will not fund assets, non-student expenses, alcohol, gift cards, donations, and other items as outlined in CSU's Policies and Procedures.

6. Submit an Activity Report Form. Following the event (or semester) for which your organization received CSU funding, submit a report through CU Involved detailing your actual revenues and expenses for the activity. Additionally, you must include scans of all receipts/invoices for all purchases. Please remember, late submissions of this report may result in suspension of CSU funding privileges.


Check out the "Helpful Funding Forms" on the left side of this page for the forms needed to submit a funding request. If questions or concerns arise along the way, please free to contact the CSU Vice President for Finance at csufin@creighton.edu, or stop by the CSU office in the Skutt Student Center (Suite 120).