National Jesuit Student Government Association

CSU will be attending the 2016 National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference July 27-31 at Regis University in Denver, Colorado!


2015 National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference - Canisius College, Buffalo, New York

Kayman Nixon, Zach Pierce, and Alex Kubicek: Team Leadership without Borders (Creighton Students Union)

This presentation will show how differing backgrounds on a leadership team can often lead to better results, and how to learn more about each other. It will also highlight the benefits and drawbacks of having a one background team, and provide tips on how people can apply this to their own teams and leadership philosophies.

Ryan Kwapniowski and Lulu Alvarez: Discernment Within and in Relation to Leadership (Creighton Students Union)

Discernment is a vital component of leadership. It is the ability to grasp, comprehend, evaluate, and make clear decisions with the goal to better enhance an aspect of your team. As a leader, it can be tough and overwhelming to make decisions especially when those decisions fall outside of your moral values and personal mission. In this presentation, we will explore various tips on discernment and how to best handle tough decision making situations. We will also talk about how to incorporate the Jesuit values into every decision you make to further expand your abilities as a leader for and with others.
Ben Edwards: On Being Heard: Launching an Initiative (Inter Residence Hall Government)

A commonality among student leaders is that they seek improvement in their community and they aren?t afraid to have their voices heard when they spot a way to make a positive change. This presentation will teach you how to identify your cause, gather support around it, promote it, and determine your end goal. We?ll provide you with an effective guideline for your reference whether your addressing an issue on campus, advocating for policy change within student life, or being an agent for change another way. Hear how it?s been done at Creighton, and how you can use this blueprint at your campus.

Ty Medd: Prioritizing and Swallowing Your Pride: An Over-Involved Student-Athlete?s Experience (Creighton Students Union)

Using my experience as a student-athlete who strives to involve himself in more than just sports, I will talk about leadership through the lens of prioritizing your time and activities and well as recognizing others priorities. Leaders tend to be involved in more than one organization and at times that creates conflicts, especially when one of your activities absolutely demands more of your time. In addition, it can be incredibly frustrating when your priorities and dedication do not line up with others and I will talk about how it is more useful to try and work with them, then it is to try to change them.


Mattie Smyth and Jillian Altrichter: Marketing Mayhem: Utilizing a Street Team (Creighton Students Union)

Marking Mayhem is a presentation that focuses on marketing events and how a Street Team can be used in conjunction with a programming board to enhance attendance at events as well as contribute to an exciting and friendly atmosphere between peers. While our structure of the board stands alone from other universities, we have created a presentation that highlights what a street team is and how we?ve made it a successful part of our programming board.