Program Board



CSU Program Board strives to bring quality programs to campus for the student body to enjoy.  As stated in our mission statement,

"The Creighton Students Union (CSU) Program Board is a programming entity committed to providing the Creighton University community with multicultural, social, recreational, educational, and entertaining programs in alignment with the Creighton University Mission Statement.  The CSU Program Board exists to enhance the Creighton experience by providing programs to enhance the intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and recreational aspects of students' lives.  The CSU Program Board seeks to improve upon the whole person by assisting student in the development of their leadership skills through practical programming experiences, group training and one-on-one contact."

As the CSU Vice President for Programming, it is my honor to lead the CSU Program Board Coordinators to create and execute programs that adhere to our Jesuit values and the needs of all Creighton University undergraduate students. I am happy to answer any and all questions regarding the programs we bring to campus or how and why we decide to put them on. Feel free to contact me through with any questions or concerns. I am so grateful for this opportunity to mentor and oversee our Program Board throughout 2019!


Caitlin Mills

CSU Vice President for Programming