Wednesdays After Class

Wednesday After Class - WAC

WAC Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is WAC?

A. WAC stand for Wednesdays After Class. It is a fun-filled, all-inclusive event for students, that provides a break from the busy school day every Wednesday during the semester. There are fun activities and snacks served, offered to everyone that comes by!


Q. How can I partner with CSU Program Board to host WAC?

A. You must be an official club or organization on campus. We will only partner with campus organizations in order to promote any events or club meetings your organization is hosting. If you are interested in hosting a WAC event, please fill out the CU Involved form. The WAC Coordinator is the best person to reach out to with any questions about hosting a WAC event. 


Q. Who can I contact with questions?

A. WAC Coordinator: Maggie Sackinsky,

 Vice President for Programming: Caitlin Mills,

Assistant Vice President for Programming: Saige Jager


Q. When can I host a WAC?

A. The CU Involved form will provide the different dates we offer for collaborations with organizations. Please fill out your top three dates and the WAC Coordinator will reach out to you on what date works best.


Q. What will I need to do if I host a WAC?

A. You will need to have good communication with the WAC Coordinator before the event. WAC offers an activity and food to all students, so come up with ideas of what you would like to see at the table. You will also need to be willing to post our social media graphic on your organizations social media pages. This helps to spread the word about your event and reach the audience you desire. Make time to schedule a 1:1 with the WAC Coordinator in order to finalize ideas and order food.


Q. What will CSU Program Board provide?

For WAC partnerships CSU Program Board provides sound system, reservations, CSU table skirt, social media graphic, and extra funding if needed. Specific details will be provided through the meeting with the WAC Coordinator.