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This page offers a toolbox of resources ranging from pedagogies to assessment to help faculty enhance their teaching effectiveness and improve student learning in the classroom and online. Visit the Office for Academic Excellence and Assessment to learn more about the ongoing faculty support available.

Bloom's Taxonomy and Learning Objectives pdf
Bloom's classification of learning objectives is a foundational concept for modern education.

Syllabus Construction pdf
How to construct a syllabus, or "roadmap" for students, including essential and recommended elements.

Signature pedagogies, clinical teaching, active learning, service learning, simulations and experiential learning.

Classroom Management pdf
Tips for creating a positive physical, psychological, and emotional climate to foster classroom learning.

Questioning and Critical Thinking pdf
How to use questioning to promote critical thinking or clinical reasoning skills.

Grants offsite
Faculty development grants are available from the AEA to support the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Assessment of Student Learning
Practical information on learning outcomes, rubrics,  and constructing exams.