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This page provides online access to Creighton University's recorded faculty development sessions. Videos are available to all CU faculty, but are particularly useful for adjuncts, clinical faculty, and others who may not be able to regularly attend scheduled programs on campus. You may log in using your Creighton netID to view any session of interest.

BlueLine Video Tutorials

The following videos (no audio) provide visual directions for various tools used in developing courses in BlueLine. The student videos are included as a resource for you to help your students with questions they may have.

For further assistance with the video topics please contact the CAI design team at

Add Modules to a Course (1:30) Add Items to Module (3:40) Adding and Organizing Files (2:37) Add Headers to Page (1:04)
Add a Discussion (2:59) Add File to Page (1:12) Add URL to a Page (:54) Add Your Own Image (0:47)
Link to Other Course Elements (1:40) Assignment Options (1:09) Add Existing Rubric to an Assignment (1:41) Create a Rubric (2:51)
Edit Page (2:44) Edit Page – Add Flickr Image (1:01) Edit Page – Add Media (1:06) Edit Discussion (2:30)
Edit Assignment (1:13) Course Details – More Options (0:38) Set Course Grading Scheme (2:47) Change Course Start Date (:58)
Change Home Page (0:32) Modify Course Navigation (1:02) Create an Announcement (2:07) SpeedGrader and Crocodoc (5:52)
Gradebook (1:38) Create Modules (1:22) SpeedGrader: Add Video Feedback to Assignment (1:06) SpeedGrader: Add File as Attachment (1:16)
Using Help in Courses (1:11)      
BlueLine and Turnitin      
    FAQ's- pdf  

BlueLine and Turnitin Assignments

  Searchable Databasea to which Turnitin has access here.  
View Assignment Markups and Rubrics (3:23) Submit Assignment (1:41) Peer Reviews (2:36) Post to Discussion (1:03)