EBS Participants - Important Information

EBS Participants - Important Information

As you should be aware, Creighton has made some significant enhancements to this system and it has been renamed CUAlert to better reflect the enhanced service.

One big change is the system will now send out an SMS confirmation within 24 hours of registration.  This confirmation text will help ensure the system is working and your SMS number was added correctly.  When the confirmation message is received no actions are necessary.

On Tuesday, Feb. 26 your information from the EBS system will be migrated to the new CUAlert system.  This migration of data will automatically send a SMS confirmation message to your phone shortly once the migration is completed.  No action is necessary when you receive this message.  It will simply let you know your SMS device is now registered with CUAlert.  If you do not receive a confirmation text message tomorrow, log into CUAlert (www.creighton.edu/cualert) and check the accuracy of your information.

Other enhancements to CUAlert include the addition of voice calling and email capabilities.  The new CUAlert system will allow for up to six voice numbers, two email addresses, and one SMS device.  The combination of text, voice and email make this a powerful and quick communication tool.  The first SMS number you provided to EBS will become your SMS number in CUAlert as well as your primary voice number.  All other numbers stored in the EBS system will become voice numbers in the new CUAlert system.  Please take a minute or two to check the accuracy of your information in CUAlert or to make changes.  It is your decision on how you receive emergency messages.

If you have any questions about this process or about the new CUAlert system please contact the DoIT Service Desk at x1111.