Today, more than ever, we must be prepared for situations that we could have never anticipated happening and recognize that immediate communication is critical to keep students, faculty and staff well informed. A key element of our University’s comprehensive crisis plan is a new multi-channel communication system called CUAlert. It allows us to keep the Creighton community informed whether in class, in the dorm, in front of a computer, on your way to class or in the office. The system has many informational uses but our first priority is emergency messaging---to assure official information is communicated during an emergency or crisis situation that disrupts normal operations of our campus or threatens the health or safety of members of our campus community.

The University analyzed several emergency communication systems before investing in this one. CUAlert delivers personalized messaging simultaneously via text, multiple phone numbers, and e-mail and is designed to complement communication tools already used by Creighton. Be assured that the system will be used prudently and all personal information will be maintained in the strictest confidence.

I am asking everyone to register for this new service. Simply go to and follow the instructions. Individuals who registered on the EBS system last fall; we only ask you to verify the current data in the system.

Effective emergency response requires personal preparedness and planning. You will be hearing more about our crisis planning efforts. Meanwhile, if you have questions about CUAlert contact

John P. Schlegel, S.J.