Tornado Drill Update

Tornado Drill Update

More than 225 people responded to the online survey following the tornado awareness drill held on campus March 24. In addition, members of the University’s crisis committee, stationed at various locations on campus, provided input on drill execution and logistics.

Close to 25,000 individual contacts were made when the CUAlert was issued through e- mail, phone and texting. More than 95 percent of the alerts were successfully delivered. To assure consistent delivery campus members are reminded to update their information in CUAlert especially if mobile or office numbers change. Updates can be made at

The following provides a summary of key findings:

  • Campus community members knew the drill was coming because of previous communication including Creighton Today, updates from the deans and vice presidents, CU Official and more.
  • To guarantee preparation, individuals need to review shelter locations prior to drills or actual incidents. In some locations there was confusion on where shelters were located. A comprehensive list is available at
  • It was suggested that a designated person(s) might provide instructions after people have gathered and an all-clear communication maybe warranted after the exercise is complete.
  • Campus members seem to think they still will hear a tornado siren. (Even though the communication for this drill included information that sirens might not be heard...that information needs to be continually reinforced).
  • Drill observers also suggested that we should do more to promote the availability of radios and flashlights in individual departments so they are available in shelter areas during an actual tornado warning.

Another drill is tentatively scheduled for this fall.