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About Omaha

Living costs are crucial and free time is precious to the dental student. Omaha is an in-between city not too big, not too small boasting as many or more amenities than larger cities, but retaining a small town's friendliness. Dental students especially appreciate Omaha's relatively low cost of living as much as 12 percent below the national average for a wide range of goods and services. Also important to the dental student's budget is the availability of good affordable housing within walking distance or in quiet residential areas throughout the city. Low-cost rental rates are a direct by-product of Omaha's home prices being among the lowest of metropolitan areas studied.


Accessibility Omaha is readily accessible by non-stop flights from both coasts. The city is less than a day's drive to Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Kansas City and St. Louis.


Housing Students choose from apartments on campus operated by the univesity, or nearby off-campus housing in lovely old neighborhoods. Campus shuttle service is available to and from adjacent neighborhoods. Apartment rents are a bargain compared with those of many cities.


Safety Omaha's crime rate is below the national average for cities of its size. Creighton's enclosed campus is a safe environment for students.


Family Friendly Omaha has been nationally ranked by Redbook magazine as a family friendly city. Public and private schools are excellent. Creighton has a child care center on campus.


Housing Economy/Cost of Living Omaha has one of the nation's lowest unemployment rates. Spouses readily find jobs. The cost of living is below the national average.