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Give Kids a Smile

Providing dental education and care to families in Omaha.

The Give Kids A Smile program is a year-round program that allows dental students to go into the community and provide dental services for children in need. The program includes a school-based tooth brushing program, fluoride varnish program, dental sealant program, and a dental voucher program for families who lack dental insurance.

The Creighton University School of Dentistry partners with Nelson Mandela School, which includes grades K-3 and serves approximately 150 children. Each year the school will add a new grade of students until the year 2020 when the elementary school will serve approximately 300 children in grades K-5. The plan is to grow the program each year by including these new children in the Give Kids A Smile program. Our goal is to assure that all children at the Nelson Mandela School are cavity-free by 2023. Sacred Heart School is our newest “dentally adopted” school.

Watch the video below to see the positive results of the Give Kids a Smile program.

Give Kids a Smile

Child patient being worked on at the dentist.
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