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Meet the Team

Meet the Team - Dean’s Administration Suite Meet the Team - Dean’s Administration Suite

Pat Beacom, Executive Assistant to the Dean.

Pat Beacom has been with the University for 30 years, serving four deans at the School of Dentistry. Beacom is the point of contact for the dean. She assists the dean in all areas and is the liaison with Card Services for access cards within the school. Beacom loves the people she interacts with both in the school and throughout campus.


Lynne Caruso, Senior Human Resources Generalist.

Lynne Caruso will mark 14 years of service to the University on Nov. 12. Caruso provides support to the administration for day-to-day operations of the Human Resources functions and duties. This includes recruitment, employee relations, collaborating with managers for performance evaluations, interpreting policies and procedures providing guidance to all employees including faculty and staff, training and special projects.  As one of four generalists at Creighton University, Caruso supports a variety of schools and departments including the School of Dentistry. She loves the variety of things she does daily. Every time the phone rings or she opens an e-mail it is something different. 

Sara Cory, Director of Alumni Relations for the School of Dentistry and College of Nursing. 

Sara Cory started in her position in January 2020 making her one of the newer staff members in the dean’s administration suite. Her position allows her to reconnect alumni with their Creighton experience, to keep alumni engaged with one another, and to provide pathways for them to stay connected to Creighton University’s mission and values. She enjoys meeting alumni, spending time in conversation learning about someone’s time at Creighton and how their Creighton education shaped not only career decisions, but also how they chose to invest in their communities.

Karen Farias, Program Planner in the Office of Student Affairs

Karen Farias has been with the university for 24 years. She is responsible for attendance management, test coordination and event management (including graduation events). Farias manages student affairs administrative services, generates communications around milestone events, supports student orientations and coordinates travel arrangements for student organizations and staff. Farias’s favorite part about working at Creighton is the interaction with students and the people she works with. 

Paul Findley, Senior Director of Development for the School of Dentistry.

Paul Findley has been the senior director of development for 4 1/2 years, working closely with the dean to build a pipeline of major gift support from alumni/donors for School of Dentistry priorities as the University moves into a comprehensive campaign. Findley really enjoys getting out and meeting alumni, hearing their stories and working to find projects and/or programs that match their philanthropic priorities. “We have some of the best alumni around!” he says. Findley bleeds blue and has been around Creighton his entire life. He was present for the grand openings of the St. Joseph Medical Center, the Boyne Dental School and the Kiewit Center in mid-1970s, and the dedication of the fountain outside of St. John’s in 1978. Findley’s father was among the architects with the Leo A Daly engineering company who built many Creighton projects in those days. Fun facts: He worked on the grounds crew for Brother Jelinek every summer during high school, got married at St. John’s by Fr. Don Doll with the reception following at the Skutt Student Center.
Marybeth E. Goddard, MS, Executive Assistant to the Vice Dean.

Marybeth Goddard has served the university for 19 years, including the past four years at the School of Dentistry as executive assistant to Vice Dean Timothy Durham, DDS. Goddard assists with most everything faculty related with a focus on faculty contracting, recruiting, onboarding and credentialing. She is proud to be associated with a school that serves the Omaha community and provides an exemplary education to its students and with Creighton’s beautiful and expanding campus, BlueJay basketball, and, most importantly, a great boss.

Felicia Halsey, Senior Program Coordinator for Academic Affairs.

Felicia Halsey has been with the school for more than 15 1/2 years. She is responsible for room reservations, course scheduling, academic calendars, registration of students, liaison between course directors, grades and registrar office, calculations of GPA and ranks, maintains current students paper and electronic files, manages alumni electronic files, verifies education for both current students and alumni, completes correspondence for dental licensure, campus labs, faculty and course surveys, senior and alumni survey, serves as liaison for federal work study students and assists the dean of academic affairs and administration. 
Sam Harter, Finance Manager.

 Sam Harter has been with the dental school for almost two years but has served at Creighton for nine years overall. Harter’s role as finance manager involves managing the school budget, financial reporting, providing guidance on budget and financial matters to ensure compliance with University policies and administering grants. Harter enjoys interacting with several faculty and staff in the School of Dentistry as well as other areas on campus. Her work also involves spreadsheets, which she loves. The best part about working at Creighton, she says, are the wonderful faculty and staff. 

Jill Zuerlein, Senior Health Sciences Marketing and Communication Strategist to the School of Dentistry and the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions. 

Jill Zuerlein has been with the university for more than five years and is an alumna with a BA in Communications earned in 2002. Zuerlein’s responsibilities require her to develop and maintain marketing and communication plans that focus on student and/or patient recruitment, organize video and photo shoots, create and assist in the design of marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, digital signage and other electronic or print materials. She manages social media platforms and websites, develops news stories and distributes internal and external electronic and print publications like Word of Mouth, dental alumni newsletters and Creighton Dentist magazine while pushing out news and stories to university sources such as Creighton Today or Creighton Magazine. Zuerlein enjoys that every day at Creighton is always unlike the last, and that there is always something new to discover about the dental school or the University.

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