CUAlert to Announce Weather Closings

Test Successful; CUAlert Announces Snow Closings

Creighton University had a successful test of its emergency notification system on Nov. 6. With more than 10,000 active accounts for students, faculty and staff, the test message was received via e-mail, work phone, cell phone and text. The duplicate channels are used to increase the likelihood of receipt of the information no matter where the Creighton community member might be located.

Creighton e-mail addresses are registered automatically for all community members in the emergency notification system. However, about 50 percent of Creighton community members have not logged in to CUAlert and provided additional contact information.

"Not everyone is sitting at a computer when an emergency occurs. Multiple phone numbers and texting information can enhance our communication efforts," said Bryan McLaughlin, Information Security Office.

Snow Closings

After reviewing the practices of other universities in the area including the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Lincoln as well as colleges in Iowa, it has been decided that CUAlert will also be used to let the Creighton community know about snow closings and delayed start of the University.  Target time for delivery of messages will be 6 a.m. on the affected day.

Be sure you are notified of these developments by updating your contact information in CUAlert  and making sure to provide multiple means of communication.  Log in at