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NLS Governance Council Meetings


NLS Governance Council Meetings

Monthly council meetings to plan our events. 

From to at Criss 216.

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Date and Time

Add to Calendar 20211121T190000Z 20211121T200000Z America/Chicago NLS Governance Council Meetings <div class="h-event vevent"> <div class="p-name summary">NLS Governance Council Meetings</div> <div class="p-description description"><p>Monthly council meetings to plan our events. </p></div> <div> <p> From <time class="dt-start dtstart" datetime="2021-11-21T19:00:00.0000000-06:00" title="2021-11-21T19:00:00.0000000-06:00">Sunday, November 21, 2021 7:00 PM</time> to <time class="dt-end dtend" datetime="2021-11-21T20:00:00.0000000-06:00" title="2021-11-21T20:00:00.0000000-06:00">8:00 PM CST</time> at <span class="p-location location">Criss 216</span>. </p> </div> </div> Criss 216


Criss 216