Accept JayBuck$ for an Event

1.5% Usage Fee?

Credit card companies generally charge merchants 1.8% - 5% of the total sale for using their cards. However, merchants do not need to worry about bounced checks or insufficient funds. The 1.5% collected for JayBuck$, or $1.50 out of a $100 sale, goes back to the program to pay for equipment and software licensing.

There are no costs or fees for individuals to purchase or use JayBuck$.

Your Creighton group or organization can accept JayBuck$ by checking out one of our handheld devices. The "Sequoias" run on batteries and require no power supply or cabling. All you need is a good signal from Creighton's wireless network. If you are unsure about the wireless coverage in your target area, contact us ahead of time and we will test it. Arrangements may also be made with DoIT to provide a wireless signal.

The units work in online and offline modes. We recommend online mode for JayBuck$, so you can validate available funds. However, they can be used effectively in offline mode (no wireless signal) to track attendance at events and validate ID cards. In most cases, there is a 1.5% usage fee for accepting JayBuck$, so for every dollar you collect, $0.015 goes back to the program -- that is less than credit card companies charge!

Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Sodexo and Athletic Department events generally have top priority. Groups wishing to use the handhelds will need to provide accounting numbers (fund and org.) for us to transfer funds. Organizations without campus accounts will need to have their faculty/staff advisor email Card Services authorization to print a voucher.