Mail Services

Mail Services

Contact Information

Mail Center Customer Service Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Jason Johnson
Program Manager
Bluejay Print and Post
2002 Burt Street
Phone: (402) 280-2625

Ricki Achenbach
Residential Halls Mail Supervisor
602 North 20th Street
(Harper Center, Suite 1090)
Phone: (402) 280-1776

Michael Bridgford
Mail Carrier/Central Receiving Supervisor
1006 North 20th Street
(New Facilities Building)
Phone: (402) 280-3881

Mail Services

The Mail Services Department of Creighton University serves as an essential link between the University and outside postal and delivery systems. It is dedicated to delivering solutions to service needs by providing timely and efficient flow of information and goods across campus.

New ZIP+4

Creighton University mailing addresses are changing to stay current with U.S. Postal Service methods. Each Creighton department has been assigned a unique ZIP+4 address — a four-digit addition to a traditional ZIP code. This will easily identify where written correspondence should be delivered.

Please note, this change is for mailing address purposes only. Physical address for the purposes of deliveries, 911 responses, and online directories/search engines, etc. remains unchanged.

Old system:
Brenda L. Hovden, Dir.
Mail Services, Creighton University
2500 California Plz
Omaha NE 68178

New ZIP+4:
Brenda L. Hovden, Dir.
Mail Services, Creighton University
780010 California Plz
Omaha NE 68178-0010

Find a department’s ZIP+4 code here

As letterhead is reprinted, this new mailing address can be used. Subscriptions, vendors, and others will be notified of the new mailing address and are encouraged to update their data (postcards are available from your carrier and Mail Services).

All internal mailing campaigns will use the new ZIP+4, to identify each department with their ZIP+4 extensions (i.e., Mail Services – 0010).

The ZIP+4 system eliminates delays or misdelivered correspondence, reduces time looking for delivery locations, and reallocates resources to delivering packages.