Policies and Procedures


  1. Incoming shipments will be received and inspected by Central Receiving personnel immediately upon receipt.
  2. The receiving inspection performed will include the following:
    • A careful comparison of the number of pieces received with the number listed on the freight bill.
    • Examination of the cartons for any evidence of damage.
    • Examination of the contents for obvious damage if cartons show any evidence of possible damage.
  3. Notation of any shortage or damage will be made on the freight bill before it is signed and the carrier released. The Department will be notified and photos are taken.
  4. If concealed damages are detected after the shipment has been delivered by Central Receiving, departments should notify the Central Receiving Office immediately. Remember concealed damage claims must be filled with the carrier within 15 days of receipt of the freight at Central Receiving.
  5. Creighton University does not accept "Collect" freight shipment of any kind.
  6. After the receiving inspection has been performed and the items have been processed,, the material will be delivered to the requisitioning department by Central Receiving personnel. It is the goal of Central Receiving to accomplish this delivery within one or two days from receipt of the shipment.
  7. Items can always be picked up at Central Receiving. We will require a photo I.D. It is strongly suggested that you call first so that someone is available to serve you and that your item is not loaded for delivery. (Communication is key)
  8. Delivery to the requisitioning department will include moving the material to the on-campus designated drop spot per the ship to label/purchase order.  Signatures are required upon delivery to the department and available upon request should you need proof of delivery.
  9. The requisitioning department is responsible for making final inspection of their merchandise.
  10. Refrigerated items will be accepted at Central Receiving and delivered to the requisitioning department the same day of receipt.
  11. There are exceptions that will not be received at Central Receiving
    • live animals or radioactive materials
    • large loads for a single destination (over 200 lbs.) 
    • shipments that have been ordered to be installed by a supplier
    • shipments that read "inside delivery"
    • shipments to the bookstore ordered by Follett
    • shipments for the dental store (the store has its own dock and receiving process)
    • shipments for Sodexo
    • shipments that do not have the 1006 N. 20th St. address or correct delivery information.

Updated 10/15
Created 08/01