Central Receiving has morning and afternoon routes for delivering packages. This route will normally be run as indicated in the schedule, but it can be altered without notice.

Morning Delivery 8a.m. - 11a.m.

Afternoon Delivery 12:30p.m - 3:30p.m

Becker Hall

Criss 1/Beirne Tower


Criss 2 & 3

Boyne Building

Eppley Building

Brandeis Hall

Health Policy & Ethics

Campion House

Hixson Lied

Cardiac Center

Law School

Championship Center

Lied Fine Arts Center

CRHL-Admin Building

Lower Reinert Library


Murphy Building

Harper/Heider COBA

Pittman Building

Hitchcock Building

Rigge Science Building


Jahn Building

Jelinek Building

Kitty Gaughan Pav

Labaj Building

Linn Building

Markoe Hall

Old Gym

Reinert Alum Library

Ryan Athletic Center

Schneider Hall

Skutt Student Center

St. John's Church

Swanson Hall

Wareham Building