Bike Safety

Here are suggestions for bike safety and theft prevention

  • Always secure your bike with a high quality lock.  A steel alloy U-shaped lock with a flat key is recommended.
  • Cable locks are easily defeated with pliers.  Some universities have programs to cut cable locks with the same type of pliers that thieves use.
  • Bikes that are left outside in the same area for long periods of time are stolen more often than bikes that are used daily.
  • Even with a U-shaped steel alloy lock your bike can still be stolen  Take advantage of registration programs that will reimburse you for the value of your bike if it is stolen.
  • When you purchase your bike record its serial number and take a picture so it can be identified.
  •  Some websites have a form to register your bike’s information and will give you a tag that is difficult to remove once applied to the surface of your bike (
  • Secure your bike to an appropriate bike rack that is sturdy and reinforced.  Locking a bike to a tree or street sign is not as secure, while locking your bike to a hand rail may impede pedestrians and riders
  • If you are unsure of bike rack locations or have would like to request a rack in a specific location, contact Public Safety at (402) 280-2104.
  • Public Safety also has U-shaped locks and heavy chain locks available at cost.


This resource is provided by Creighton's CU SAFE effort!