Home Safety

If you are leaving your house or apartment for an extended period

Make sure windows and doors are secure.
Keep the shades or curtains drawn so your space is not visible from the outside.  Think about putting your lights on a timer so that people think you are at home.
Have a neighbor or friend check on your residence to be sure everything is in order.
Stop your mail for the week with the USPS or have a neighbor pick up your mail and/or newspapers.
Do not leave a message on your house phone, voicemail, or social networking website that you will be gone.  It advertises that your room or house is empty.
If you leave your car, remove all valuables and lock it.
Consider parking your car in a campus garage.
If your roommates are leaving and you will be home alone
Take the usual precautions in your residence (lock doors and windows, keep garage doors closed, turn on porch lights, etc.).
Turn lights on in in your house or room at night so that people can see someone is home.
Check in with family and friends.
Be sure to use a window or peephole to verify who is at your door before opening it.
Be aware of your surroundings.  Report suspicious activity to the Omaha Police Department if the behavior is off campus, and Public safety if the suspicious activity is on campus.

This resource is provided by Creighton's CU SAFE effort!