Vehicle Safety


Have your keys in hand and ready to unlock the vehicle.  Look around the vehicle as you approach it.  Unlock the door, check the back seat and floor area.  Lock the doors before starting the car or fastening your seatbelt.
When you leave your vehicle at a service station, leave only the car keys.  Donít leave your house key or other keys on the key ring.
Back into a well-lit parking space.  Avoid parking next to vans.  Walk with the flow of traffic and stay in the center of the access way when walking in parking lots.
Car Trouble Safety

Turn on hazard lights or flashers

Put the hood up to alert police and passersby that you need assistance.
Stay with your vehicle and wait for police or a service station.
Place help signs in rear window, but do not completely block vision.
Carry a cell phone for emergencies.
Be aware of vehicles following you.  Do not drive to your home or campus.  Drive to Public Safety or the nearest police or fire station.  Stay in familiar, populated areas.  If there are no other options, find a 24-hour shopping store.

This resource is provided by Creighton's CU SAFE effort!