Omofolasade (Sade) Kosoko-Lasaki, MD, MSPH

Omofolasade (Sade) Kosoko-Lasaki, MD, MSPH

Omofolasade (Sade) Kosoko-Lasaki, MD, MSPH

School of Medicine, Omaha Campus


  • Glaucoma
  • Ophthalmology Surgery

Academic Appointments


  • Surgery


  • Professor

Teaching Activity

  • 1. Medical and Surgical Ophthalmology to Medical Students and Residents
  • 2. Minority Health Disparities: Issues and Strategies for M3
  • 3. LGBTQIA Health Disparities: Issues and Strategies for M4
  • 4. Preventive Medicine Elective– Preventive Ophthalmology – Dominican Republic
  • 5. Surgery Selective – Selective in Ophthalmology for M4
  • 6. Health Disparities Public Health Weekly Forum: Common Ground
  • 7. Cultural Awareness for Dental Students for D3“
  • 8. Cultural and Ethnic Approaches to Health Case Studies - Passport Activity
  • 9. Passport Activity - Cultural & Ethnic Approach to Community Health: Case Studies


Multiple national award winner, Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki, is an internationally renowned researcher in minority health with a focus on increasing the health care workforce. She has led Creighton University's participation in the training and education of a diverse group of faculty and students in the pre-collegiate and collegiate levels in Nebraska which has resulted in the award of several multi-million dollar award research initiatives. In addition, her efforts have also helped in the designation of the School of Medicine as a Center of Excellence in Minority education in 2005.
Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki leads the office of Health Sciences' Multicultural and Community Affairs, with programs like the Pre medical, Pre Dental and Pre Pharmacy and Health Professions Post Baccalaureate Programs, the Health Professions Pipeline Program, Cultural Proficiency Seminars and Health Disparities Initiatives with a focus on Community Based Participatory Research. Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki has built collaborative relationships locally, nationally and worldwide while serving as a community/academic leader in the Omaha area. She also oversees the recruitment of disadvantaged students to the health sciences, and mentors these students to retain them. Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki has lectured nationally and internationally on cultural proficiency and health disparity issues, focusing on the promotion of "pipeline programs" that prepare and support disadvantaged students from grade 4 through health professional schools so they can become successful health care providers.
As an ophthalmologist with a public health degree, Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki is passionate about training and educating individuals in developing countries on blindness prevention, specifically Vitamin A deficiency, the leading cause of preventable blindness in children and a major public health problem throughout the world and glaucoma. She has served as a consultant to UNICEF, USAID and Helen Keller International in Burkina Faso, Niger, Mauritania, Chad and the Philippines. Since 1986, Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki has researched the prevalence of glaucoma in Blacks in St. Lucia, West Indies. With a focus on detecting and treating glaucoma--the most common cause of blindness in African-Americans and Hispanics--she has initiated health fairs and screenings through Washington D.C. metropolitan area, in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, the US Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic. She created a program for blindness prevention entitled, "Preventing Glaucoma Blindness in Nebraska: A Creighton University Initiative," targeting individuals at risk for glaucoma blindness in surrounding areas.
Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki has co-authored Maintaining the Target Intraocular Pressure: African American Glaucoma Specialist and Cultural Proficiency in Addressing Health Disparities.

Publications and Presentations



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Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

    1.        Prevent Blindness, Galucoma Research
    2.        Community Based Participatory Research
    3.        Chronic Disease  Epidemiology
    4.        Cultural Awareness and Strategies for Implementation
    5.        Mentoring Activities Grades K-20
    6.        Diversity in Education
    7.        Recruitment and Retention in Higher Education
    8.        Pipeline Programs into Health Science Schools
    9.        Post-Baccalaureate and Bridge Programs
    10.      Diversifying the Work Force: Strategies and Implementation
    11. Racial Inequalities

Current Research Projects

    Provided Ophthalmology Exams
    2008-Present     GlaxoSmithKline Drug Study, Protocol FFR110537

    Academic Institutional or community grants FUNDED
    Principal Investigator
    1.        Nebraska Tobacco Settlement: Center for Promoting Health and Health Equality (CPHHE) 2015 – 2018, $551,008
    2.        Catholic Health Initiatives:  Development of Community Health Advocates, 2014 – 2014, $10,500
    3.        Nebraska Tobacco Settlement: Establishment of the Center for Promoting Health and Health Disparities (CPHHE) 2012 – 2015, $509,240
    4.        Nebraska Tobacco Settlement: Establishment of the Center for Promoting Health and Health Disparities (CPHHE) 2009 – 2012, $282,000

    1.    Center for Promoting Health and Health Equality – Community Health Advocates – Omaha Housing Authority, 2014-2015, $5,000

    Federal grants FUNDED
    Principal Investigator
    1.    National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 2014: Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH), 2014 – 2018, $1,823,836
    2.    HRSA: Health Career Opportunities Program (Pipeline to Success at Creighton University), 2008 – 2011, $1.05 million
    3.    College Access Challenge Grant Program (CACGP) (Pipeline to College/Creighton University), 2008 – 2011, $62,000
    4.    National Center of Minority Health Development (NCMHD)/NIH Endowment
    Program for Increasing Research and Training in Health Profession Schools 2005 – Perpetuity, $1.8 million

    Federal grants FUNDED
    Co- Investigator
    1.    National Science Foundation (NSF) – Glutamate Delta-1 Receptor and Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Interaction, September 2015 – 2019, $726,146
    2.    Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs: Prostate Cancer Health Disparity Research Award, W81XWH-10-PCRP-HDRA, October 2011-2014, $731,278

    Principal Investigator
    1.        Preventing Glaucoma Blindness in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Sponsored by the Friends of the Congressional Glaucoma Caucus Foundation for $294,000, 2009-2011
    2.        Preventing Glaucoma Blindness in Nebraska:  A Creighton University Initiative. Sponsored by the Friends of the Congressional Glaucoma Caucus Foundation for $92,000, 2008-2011


Grant Funding Received

  • Center for Disease Control (CDC) National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 2014: Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH).

Awards and Honors

  • The Kingfisher Award, President of Creighton University , 2020
  • Community Healer Award, Malcolm X Memorial Foundation , 2019
  • Drum Major Award in the Area of Accountability, 2019