Charles B. Braymen, PhD, CFA
Charles B. Braymen, PhD, CFA

Charles B. Braymen, PhD, CFA

Associate Professor
Heider College of Business

Academic Appointments


  • Economics and Finance


  • Associate Professor

Publications and Presentations


  • Braymen, Charles, Tirimba Obonyo, and Nicholas Woessner (2020) “Dollar Debt and Global Equity Returns” Applied Economics Letters, 28(12), 1021-1025., Applied Economics Letters, 28, 1021-1025, 2020
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  • Conference of Global Business, Economics, and Finance, 2014
  • CU Phi Beta Kappa U.S. - Russia Colloquium, 2014
  • Dual Immersion Webinar, 2013
  • Sarpy County Kiwanis Club, 2013
  • Missouri Valley Economic Association Conference 2013-2011, 2013