Gopal P. Jadhav, PhD, Dr
Gopal P. Jadhav, Dr, PhD

Gopal P. Jadhav, Dr, PhD

Assistant Professor
School of Medicine


  • Synthetic organic chemistry: Hands on experience in modern synthetic organic chemistry like multi-step syntheses of drug like molecules, heterocycles, peptides, etc., parallel synthesis using Radley’s. Independent planning and execution of SAR.
  • Analytical techniques: Hands on modern separations techniques. Adept at using NMR, HPLC (analytical, prep., normal, RP, ion-exchange, size-exclusion), GC-, LC-MS, UV/VIS, IR, CD, detection based on fluorescence.
  • Hands on Molecular modelling softwares: Schrodinger Maestro (GLIDE, Homology Modeling, Epik, Ligprep, Protprep) Sybyl7.3, 8.0, Pymol, Database search (Zinc) and processing, Docking (GOLD, Glide, Openeye), Homology modelling, SciFinder, Beilstein, MDL/ISIS
  • Bioassay techniques: Advanced skills in Splenocyte proliferation assays in murine leukocytes and human blood monocytes (immune assay) and Bioluminescence induction assay using luminometer (microbiological assay).

Academic Appointments


  • Clinical and Translational Science


  • Assistant Professor

Teaching Activity



After obtaining a Bachelor and Masters degrees in pharmacy from the Pune University (India) in 1998, Dr Gopal spent a year working as a synthetic chemist and three years working as Lecturer of Medicinal chemistry in India, before undertaking a PhD at the University of Nottingham, UK. He completed Ph D under the supervision of Dr S R Chhabra, Prof. Peter Fischer, Prof. David Pritchard and Prof. Barrie Kellam and  continued to work for five years as post-doctoral research fellow on following projects.
1) Cancer Research project funded by BBSRC, UK, focusing on the work involving Computer aided designing and synthesis of small chemical molecules as inhibitors of pRb-E7 interactions. 

2) Seeding Drug Discovery project funded by Wellcome Trust, UK focusing on the Synthesis of novel chemicals and lead optimization of new highly selective beta-blockers in the management of cardiovascular disorders.

3) project funded by MRC, UK, focusing on Development of Inhibitors of Human deadnylase enzyme, new treatment for the Osteoporosis.

Subsequently Dr Gopal spent one and a half years as a senior research scientist at the RD Alternative Discovery & Development, GlaxoSmithKline (Madrid Trescants, Spain) where he worked on collabotative project with Prof. Michael Pollastri (Northeastern University USA) and Prof. Harry De Koning (University of Glasgow UK), involving structural optimization of GSK675728A, hPDE4 inhibitor to generate novel pharmacophore(s) as potent TbrPDE1 inhibitors that are selective over hPDEs in the management of African sleeping sickness (CNS disorder). 
Dr Gopal joined Creighton University in June 2016 as Postdoctoral research fellow and promoted to Assistant Professor of medicinal chemistry in early 2017. He is working in Clinical and Translational sciences, within the school of Medicine under the leadership of Dr D K Agrawal.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutical sciences), University of Nottingham UK
  • Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), Pune University, India
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy Pune University, India

Publications and Presentations


  • Jillian G Baker, Sheila M Gardiner, Jeanette Woolard, Christophe Fromont, Gopal P Jadhav, Shailesh Mistry, Kevin SJ Thompson, Barrie Kellam, Stephen J Hill, Peter M Fischer; Novel selective β1-adrenoceptor antagonists for concomitant cardiovascular and respiratory disease; FASEB J. 31, 000–000 (2017)., FASEB Journal, 31, 2017
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  • Maryati Maryati, Ishwinder Kaur, Gopal P. Jadhav, Loyin Olotu-Umoren, Blessing Oveh, Lubna Hashmi, Peter M. Fischer and G. Sebastiaan Winkler*, Nucleic Acids Research, 42(5), 1–10, 2013
  • Gopal P. Jadhav, Siri Ram Chhabra, Gary Telford, Doreen S. W. Hooi, Karima Righetti, Paul Williams, Barrie Kellam, David I. Pritchard, and Peter M. Fischer ; Immunosuppressive but Non-LasR-Inducing Analogues of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quorum-Sensing Molecule N-(3- Oxododecanoyl)-L-homoserine Lactone ; J. Med. Chem. 2011, 54, 3348– 3359;, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 54, 3348– 3359, 2011
  • *Gopal P. Jadhav; Tanya Ray H. N. More; K. R. Mahadik and A. D. Deshpande; Estimation of Piroxicam beta cyclodextrin by High Performance Liquid Chromatography from marketed formulations; Indian Drugs;, Indian Drugs, 36(8), 505-508, 1999
  • *Gopal P. Jadhav; Tanya Ray H. N. More; K. R. Mahadik and A. D. Deshpande; Estimation of Piroxicam beta cyclodextrin by High Performance Liquid Chromatography from marketed formulations; Indian Drugs, Indian Drugs, 36(8), 505-508, 1999
  • Gopal P. Jadhav; H. N. More, K. R. Mahadik ; Simultaneous estimation of Nalidixic acid and Metronidazole using UV/Visible spectrophotometer; Indian Drugs; , Indian Drugs, 35(8), 475-480, 1998
  • Author(s): G. P Jadhav, H. N More, K. R Mahadik
    A simple, rapid, economical and reproducible method has been developed for simultaneous estimation of nalidixic acid and metronidazole from pharmaceutical formulations using multicomponent mode of Jasco V-530 UV/VIS spectrophotometer. Wavelength range between 400 to 220 nm was used for estimated of both drugs. For analysis, six mixed standards were used. The results were confirmed by recovery studies and statistical evaluation. The method requires no manual calculations., Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 60(4), 246-248, 1998
  • *A. D. Kale, S. J. Kachhwaha, Gopal P. Jadhav and Piyush Trivedi; Spectrophotometric estimation of Dicyclomine hydrochloride from combined dosage forms by ion pair complex; Indian Drugs, Indian Drugs, 35(11), 718-720

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Drug discovery in Cardiac and cardiovascular disorders
    Drug discovery in immuno and inflammatory disorders
    Drug discovery in Quorum sensing
    Drug discovery in Highly neglected diseases

Current Research Projects

  • I am working on design and development of novel inhibitors of triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells–1 (TREM-1), towards the management of life threatening sepsis. This interdisciplinary research warranted use of computer aided drug design approach to develop and synthesis of small drug like molecules. Recent treatment employ small peptides molecules (LR-17 and LR-12), that have very short half-life and possibly multiple targets.

    Molecular docking and HTS assay techniques will be employed to identify from from a library of 80000 diverse chemical molecules. These hits will be tested for TREM-1 inhibition activity to identify new chemical lead(s). Lead(s) will be recruited for extensive chemical modifications (SAR- development) in order to optimise potency, toxicty and druggability.  

Awards and Honors

  • Novel Cyclic Phenoxy Compounds and Improved Treatments for Cardiac and Cardiovascular Disease, 2015
  • Novel Ether Linked Compounds and Improved Treatments for Cardiac and Cardiovascular Disease, 2012