Kathy A. Gonzales
Kathy A. Gonzales

Kathy A. Gonzales

Assistant Professor
Graduate School

Academic Appointments


  • Interdisciplinary Studies


  • Assistant Professor

Teaching Activity

  • Effective Conflict Management for Educational Leaders
  • Introduction to Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
  • Mediation Process
  • Systems & Consulting for Conflict Specialists


Dr. Gonzales entered the field of conflict engagement after practicing for several years as a civil litigation attorney, primarily in the area of family law, in the Supreme Court of Trinidad & Tobago. Her desire to learn about more collaborative ways to deal with family disputes is what initially fired a keen interest in mediation. The exploration of the truly transformative aspects of mediation led her to a broader appreciation of the relationship between mediation and other conflict engagement processes.
Prior to joining Creighton, Dr. Gonzales operated a conflict management consultancy which provided mediation, facilitation, system design services to and trainings for the Supreme Court of Trinidad & Tobago, the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, the Government of Trinidad & Tobago and many private organizations in the Caribbean region. She is experienced in conceptualizing, designing and delivering training programs to client organizations, conceptualizing and designing conflict management systems appropriate to the needs of client organizations as well as monitoring and evaluation of projects to ensure consistency with and timely delivery of project objectives as well as to measure the effectiveness of interventions.
Dr. Gonzales is currently seeking grant funding to support the implementation of recommendations arising out of her dissertation research on the apparent underutilization of the mediation system in the Family Court of Trinidad & Tobago.

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Dr. Gonzales has a special interest in the application of alternative dispute resolution processes in the courts, in law enforcement and in the penal system.

Current Research Projects

  • Dr. Gonzales is currently conducting research on methodologies for teaching mediation techniques to students. She is seeking to measure and compare the effect of two teaching methods—lectures (with embedded role play exercises) and videos—on students’ performance of particular skills taught in the Mediation Process course.