Dulcinea L. Boesenberg, BA, PhD
Dulcinea L. Boesenberg, BA, PhD

Dulcinea L. Boesenberg, BA, PhD

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Appointments


  • Theology


  • Associate Professor

Teaching Activity

  • A newer course entitled Messiah, Prophet, and Rabbi explores the diverse portrayals of Jesus in the New Testament texts against the background of the multiform messianic expectation of Second Temple Judaism.
  • Additionally, she teaches an upper-level course on the history of biblical interpretation.
  • Dulcinea Boesenberg primarily teaches courses in the Biblical Tradition component of the Magis Core.
  • Her course on Early Christian Community and Identity addresses how the earliest followers of Jesus defined their identities and shaped their communities in the context of first-century Judaism and the Greco-Roman world.


Dulcinea Boesenberg joined the Theology Department in 2014.  Her research focuses on the New Testament and Second Temple Judaism; she is particularly interested in the interpretation of Scripture in early Judaism and early Christianity as well as in the ways in which Jewish and Christian communities in antiquity defined themselves. 
She holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Hanover College as well as an M.T.S. in Biblical Studies and a Ph.D. in Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity from the University of Notre Dame. 

Publications and Presentations


  • “Moses in Second Temple Jewish Texts,” (with James C. VanderKam) in Parables of Enoch: A Paradigm Shift. Edited by James Charlesworth and Darrell Bock. T & T Clark Jewish and Christian Texts Series 11. London and New York, Bloomsbury, 124-158, 2013


  • “Negotiating Identity: The Jewishness of the Way in Acts”, Journal of Religion & Society Supplement Series, 13, 58-75, 2016
  • “Philo’s Descriptions of Jewish Sabbath Practice”, Studia Philonica Annual, 22, 143-163, 2010


  • “Jewish Identity and Torah-Observance in Acts,” Catholic Biblical Association Annual Meeting, 2016
  • “ ‘When You Were Gentiles’: Idolatry and Identity in the Corinthian Ekklesia,” SBL Rocky Mountain – Great Plains Regional Meeting, 2016
  • “Eating Meat Sacrificed to Idols: The Interplay of Politics and Theology in Paul’s Solution,” Kripke Center Symposium on Religion and Politics, 2016
  • “The Construction of Jewish Identity in Philo’s Defense of Sabbath Observance,” SBL Annual Meeting, 2015
  • “Ethnic Language and Identity Construction in Acts,” SBL Rocky Mountain – Great Plains Regional Meeting, 2015
  • “Scriptural Interpretation and Community Self-Definition among the Earliest Christians,” Kripke Center Symposium on Religion and Identity, 2015
  • “Luke’s Narrative Claim on Moses the Persecuted Prophet,” Conference on the Christian Moses at CUA, 2012
  • “Moses’ Ascent to the Heavenly Realm in Ezekiel the Tragedian and Pseudo-Philo,” SBL Annual Meeting, 2011
  • “End Times Expectation in 4Q521 and Matthew 11:2-6,” SBL Eastern Great Lakes Regional Meeting, 2007

Awards and Honors

  • Fellow, Kripke Center for the Study of Religion and Society, 2014
  • Fellow, University of Notre Dame, 2012
  • Striving for Excellence in College and University Teaching, University of Notre Dame, 2011
  • Intensive Language Training Award (German), University of Notre Dame, 2011
  • Presidential Fellowship, University of Notre Dame, 2007