Leah D. Hunter, PhD

Leah D. Hunter, PhD

Leah D. Hunter, PhD

Assistant Professor
School of Medicine, Omaha Campus


  • Anatomy, Anatomy dissection, pelvic and renal anatomy

Academic Appointments


  • Medical Education


  • Assistant Professor

Teaching Activity

  • Anatomy laboratory assistant for first year clinical anatomy students
  • Anatomy laboratory assistant for first year medical students
  • Course coordinator for Anatomy in the Physician Assistant program


Leah D. Hunter is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Education. She recently received her Ph.D. in anatomy from The Ohio State University, Department of Biomedical Education & Anatomy. Her Ph.D. work included developing a novel dissection approach to the pelvis and perineum; as well as, patterning the geometric changes to the renal fornix at specific developmental time points in healthy and obstructed mice. Leah’s passion for medical education and developing new approaches to teaching anatomy, histology, embryology, and neuroanatomy will be the basis of her on-going research at Creighton University.

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Pelvic anatomy education

Current Research Projects

  • Continuing my study in pelvic anatomy eduation as well as estiablishing continuing education opporunities.