Gary N. Elsasser, PharmD, BCPS
Gary N. Elsasser, PharmD, BCPS

Gary N. Elsasser, PharmD, BCPS

Vice Chair, Academic and Administrative Support, Department of Pharmacy Practice
School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

Academic Appointments


  • Pharmacy Practice


  • Professor

Secondary Appointment

  • School of Medicine

Teaching Activity

  • Instructor of Record PHA 512 Acute Care Clerkship


  • University of Nebraska Medical Center,Pharm.D.,6/77 - 5/80


Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, BCPS 29252, 1992 to 1999; recertified by continuing education 1999, recertified by examination 2006, 2013.

Publications and Presentations


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Awards and Honors

  • “Excellence in Teaching”, Creighton University School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, 2015