Jiwon Kim, PhD

Jiwon Kim, PhD

Jiwon Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Appointments


  • Education


  • Assistant Professor

Teaching Activity

  • COU 604 Issues in Children and Adolescent Development
  • COU 664 Issues in Elementary School Counseling


Jiwon Kim completed the doctoral program in Counselor Education and Supervision at the University of Iowa. As majored in Education, Counseling, and Counselor Education, Dr. Kim has strived to be an advocate for K-12 students, especially for those from less resourceful environments. She has participated in publishing articles and presented at conferences regarding K-12 students and school counselors. Dr. Kim's research interests are career development of women and minority populations, first-generation students, trauma-informed practices in various counseling settings, transformative leadership, and social justice. 

Publications and Presentations


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Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

    • Career development of women and minority populations
    • Trauma including adverse childhood experiences and intimate partner violence
    • Trauma-informed practice
    • Burnout